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Duck 3D: 2D Busta's

by Flat Earth Globalists

Duck 3D: 2D Busta's is a short film packed with absurdities and dimensional anomalies to tell the story of the Simperino family’s struggle with a ruthless disease. Fallen on hard times, the family of mafia dogs will do anything it takes to get money including kidnapping Johnny the dacker (duck-hacker). Will Johnny cave to their demands?

Flat Earth Globalists is a film collective made up of Corey Fuimaono, Tyler Baikie and Glenn Fredric.
Corey works as a Video Content Producer in Tāmaki Makaurau, with a background in Film, TV and Radio. He likes Sausage Sizzles at Bunnings.
Tyler is a screen producer living in the depths of Murihiku. He likes chicken burgers.
Glenn is a production-focused IT specialist at a VFX company, of whom loves cheese rolls the most (Glenn, not the company).
With all their powers combined, Flat Earth Globalists have once again been able to spread the good word of a truly globalist agenda with homegrown entertainment.


I have to say, when your film started playing I didn't know what the hell was happening!!!! I felt like my senses were being attacked and then I felt like I'd been teleported to some interdimensional acid trip which had gone haywire and caused my brain to melt out my ear! But that's a good thing. It was very much an all sensory brain jarring experience that I felt wanted to peel off my screen and take flight into some limitless dimensional existence somewhere. Once my brain adjusted to the tone of delivery, which was amazingly creative and refreshing by the way...I was cracking up left and right. You guys smashed it. Thanks for such a fresh and interdimensional journey! Great stuff!

Why wasn't this on TV!
A) A winner film
B) Better than some of the ones that were shown.

Blows my mind that this film won something and wasn't even shown on TV!

Definitely made me laugh! I love that you did something really different. The style was a bit hard for me to keep up with, but it was hilarious how you constructed those characters.

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