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Somebody Someone Skipperdogman

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Pray, Love, Eat

I never thought an insect could disturb me in this way.
Good job.

Duck 3D: 2D Busta's

Why wasn't this on TV!
A) A winner film
B) Better than some of the ones that were shown.

Blows my mind that this film won something and wasn't even shown on TV!

Huia Gonna Call

The Fantail was a paid actor! XD

Definitely different, and as a passionate bird nerd I appreciated the diversity in New Zealand bird life.
Looks like you got lucky with that Piwakawaka wandering inside.

Escape From Planet A4

I really enjoyed watching this.
I don't think cardboard and paper has ever had be on the edge of my seat.

I applaud your puppeteering skills and the spacecrafts look very detailed, I'm sure they took a while to make.
Definitely one of my favorites.

Excellent job!