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Somebody Someone Skipperdogman

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Post-Party Pickle


Banana Counselling for Self Doubting Wizards

Skipperdogman Films

Super Foul




Very fun, Matrix-Ready Player One mashup.

I feel like a POV shot through the goggles would have made for a more immersive experience. Just watching someone fiddle in the air is a little awkward. A green filter and some greenscreen tech effects over a drawn map in his hands would have done just fine.

The use of the fog machine was great and the lighting in that scene really made for a dramatic feel.

This film kept me engaged throughout and had me rooting for the good guys.

Well done :)

Escape From Planet A4

I really enjoyed watching this.
I don't think cardboard and paper has ever had be on the edge of my seat.

I applaud your puppeteering skills and the spacecrafts look very detailed, I'm sure they took a while to make.
Definitely one of my favorites.

Excellent job!

Huia Gonna Call

The Fantail was a paid actor! XD

Definitely different, and as a passionate bird nerd I appreciated the diversity in New Zealand bird life.
Looks like you got lucky with that Piwakawaka wandering inside.

Galactic Cringe

This is the movie of all time

"Dead Beat"

A bit cheeky using the plot from our Year 12 Media Studies class film ;P

Seeing the characters brought to life in a more fluid and meaningful way was enjoyable to watch. The use of the greenscreen throughout was interesting and really gave the film a unique vibe.

Very much in the usual style of film making for you guys.
It was a nice surprise to see it come on in our heat.

Duck 3D: 2D Busta's

Why wasn't this on TV!
A) A winner film
B) Better than some of the ones that were shown.

Blows my mind that this film won something and wasn't even shown on TV!

Pray, Love, Eat

I never thought an insect could disturb me in this way.
Good job.

The Path

Some of the cuts are a bit jarring, especially when cutting from a quite scene to a louder one, or vice versa.

I would suggest having some audio start and fade in before the next scene in some cases, such as when it cuts to the flowing river. The audio of the river flowing could have started to come in before the cut. Then you won't have such a startle when it's suddenly really loud.

The sudden change of characters felt like it came out of nowhere. There didn't seem to be a reason for the change of character, I would suggest start hinting at a change or morals earlier on and let it slowly build up to the stabbing at the end.

The choice of location was great! Stunning shots of the mountains and the forest setting was very appealing.

I liked the jump cut to the White Shirt person wiping the blood of their knife. Only thing I could suggest there is not showing them taking out their knife but rather just them approaching the Dying Kid and having a reaction shot of the Pink Shirt person before jump cutting to the knife wiping. This should give a more intense effect, as the audience will be on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen, then BAM. Bloody knife! Give a bit more of a shock rather than just showing what's going to go down.

Good job :)