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Huia Gonna Call

by Jennifer Juniper

Up at the lighthouse, Juniper has a problem and asks her companion Huia Lewis for help, but he is too busy broadcasting his Lighthouse News radio show ...


The Fantail was a paid actor! XD

Definitely different, and as a passionate bird nerd I appreciated the diversity in New Zealand bird life.
Looks like you got lucky with that Piwakawaka wandering inside.

Love the combo of gorgeous bird footage and a handcrafted main character! A magical heartwarming adventure with a surprise twist. Children will love it <3

Hi Finn, thank you for taking the time to review, I couldn't believe our luck that the Piwakawaka visited Craig on the shoot day! Yes the birds are a passion of mine too, all were filmed on Rakino Island except the pair of Kereru on the telephone wire, I filmed them in Birkenhead, and also the Takahe, which I filmed on Rotoroa Island, but otherwise Rakino.
Best wishes, Jennie

Hi Angela, thank you for the review, I'm glad you liked it, and yes I hope children get to see it somehow xx

Impossible not to feel good about this one. Good music, full of adventure and great at showcasing a bit of NZ nature! For a split second I thought you'd got Dave Grohl in your film too! Nice work.

Thank Stu, Ive read a lot of your reviews and its great you take the time to give people feedback for their films .... I'm really glad you enjoyed it, yes it's a feel good film for me too!

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