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Somebody Someone Jennie Cruse

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Huia Gonna Call

Jennifer Juniper


Dance Fever

I love this, it doesn't matter about the picture quality in the first scene, its such a great idea and the fever dance movement spreading is amazing, the washing up scene is hilarious, this warms my heart!

Huia Gonna Call

Hi Finn, thank you for taking the time to review, I couldn't believe our luck that the Piwakawaka visited Craig on the shoot day! Yes the birds are a passion of mine too, all were filmed on Rakino Island except the pair of Kereru on the telephone wire, I filmed them in Birkenhead, and also the Takahe, which I filmed on Rotoroa Island, but otherwise Rakino.
Best wishes, Jennie

Huia Gonna Call

Hi Angela, thank you for the review, I'm glad you liked it, and yes I hope children get to see it somehow xx

Huia Gonna Call

Thank Stu, Ive read a lot of your reviews and its great you take the time to give people feedback for their films .... I'm really glad you enjoyed it, yes it's a feel good film for me too!