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Somebody Someone Anjilala

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Dance Fever



Dance Fever

If you can get past the picture quality in the first scenes it's worth it! Enjoy :)

Huia Gonna Call

Love the combo of gorgeous bird footage and a handcrafted main character! A magical heartwarming adventure with a surprise twist. Children will love it <3

Something's Sticky

Well done guys! Some nice editing keeping the flow going. simple but captivating. That icing looked incredible. I wanted to eat the cake!


watching this for the second time....I was a but shocked the first time, but Im really impressed by the shooting of the children. The facial expressions you've captured of each of them, but especially the baby are amazing, Because it feels like the baby is deliberately acting the part. Everything feels natural and unscripted. the swearing makes more sense the second viewing. She just about crashed the car, shes super stressed and the kid as they do milks the moment.