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Lookey Luke

by 1/4 JAGBOG

In this episode Lookey Luke must discover "Whodunnit" when he finds a dead body while teaching us all about looking after our cars.


Probably wouldn't be 48HRS without JAGBOG producing another off-the-wall mockumentary/Reality TV/YouTube style short. Nailed the style perfectly, well acted, nice on screen graphics and of course a couple of dark turns along the way. Good stuff!

Ahahaha that last shot was so hilarious and completely disturbing. I love the originality of this. =)

Fun premise that you guys really went to town with. Great character with spot-on kids entertainer energy, neat graphics, and especially good props. I very occasionally noticed the noisy traffic in the audio, but given the deliberately homemade aesthetic (not to mention the wonderful soundtrack that played almost throughout), it wasn't the sound-mix killer that it might have been on a different film.

I can't wait to tune in next time for another clue; consider me lookey liked and subscribed.

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