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by Corner Shop

Containment follows a daughter’s relationship with her mother over an extended period of time as she pays regular visits to a shipping container.


Absolutely love it! So artistic and art house! One repetitive shot represents their lives - one day after another is the same. The fact that we don’t see the mother adds to the sense of her containment - you feel like you are inside there with her! The dialogue is touching and universal, we can project it on any relationships - partners, parents, friends...the cinematography and color chose is spot on. Want to see more! What happened before? What happened after?

The tone of this was beautiful, and I think stands up as a quality short outside of 48Hours. I particularly enjoyed the dialogue, the VO from the mother, and the pacing. Believable family relationship. A haunting little film. In my opinion, the most underrated of the finalists.

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