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The Wifi Project

by Tasteful Sideboob


Amazing take on a found footage horror from a pair of lifestyle vloggers whose wifi goes down. Great subtle gags, magnetic lead, and the ending moment plays so well. Funny and relatable. One of my favourites, for sure!

Hahahah laughed so hard! Especially when Rosie goes insane in her bedroom and fumbles with her hair! I am sure we can all relate. Sound is very good quality, and acting is awesome! Now watching Paranormal activity won't be as scary haha cos I will think of you guys!

This was probably my favourite of the finalists! An absolutely amazing leading actor, fantastic pacing, genuinely funny gags and slick production. Watched it several times.

This is definitely one of my favourites. I've been telling so many people to watch this one. Great comedy writing and visuals and very subtle soundtrack. Rosie, you were crazy good in the role and you carried this very comfortably over the finish line pretty much as a solo acting performance! It was such a hilarious and scarily relatable character arc that we didn't care you ripped the 'The Blair Witch' at the end, you added enough twist that we accepted it as something new. Great job to you both. Great sound and cutting. I hope to be that good one day. Good on you and well deserved.

Review? :o)

Loved the references. Very relatable...

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