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Somebody Someone Shona

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The Key

The Unbelievable Jaunas Family



Yeah. as a mother this film worked for me in the knowledge that it was their mother creating this story so maybe mum you are going to get a few 'f's out of your kids for a while because they said those words so many times but at that age they have a very abstract view on what they are saying so I don't think it is an issue, same with the 12 year old thought it was weird...

The Key

A minimalist art and essai sci-fi short.


Pulling off a monologue with a computer is no mean feat. The writing brought us into the character very quickly, although I hope in the future tests would have pinned this astronaut as way too emotive to transport 5000 souls across the galaxy. 2001 inspired moment at the end, lovely reference, won't spoil it by saying anything else.

The Wifi Project

Loved the references. Very relatable...