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Gavin In The Woods

by Bork

Gavin starts to question his sanity as an ominous force starts taunting him.


This should have been the winner!!! Amazing style! Something I've never seen before!

I can't believe this wasn't a finalist. This is a phenomenal achievement. A haunting and beautiful aesthetic, with economical storytelling, a genuine character arc, and it even manages to cram a satisfying 'reveal' into its tiny three minute length. I would watch a lot more of this. Beautiful.

Wow. This is incredible! Very cool aesthetic and design. Really wondering what happened with the selection this year...

As a long time fan of "Limbo" this certainly shares s similar aesthetic. The atmospheric environment and the feeling of isolation is well executed. Probably over thinking it but I wondered how electricity was generated in this cabin, and therefore the point of having that desk light? Just seemed out of place even though, I know, he was imagining things at one point. Was expecting something bigger from the ending too as the culprit has been quite a well-used way to go in this comp. Still, wonderful animation and a slick production as expected from Bork.

What a beautifully made film. So many memorable shots and wonderful attention to detail. You've nailed the aesthetic well done!

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