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by The Brothers Boyce

Three hapless friends call upon the dark lord in a desperate attempt to expunge their own personal demons...


OMG! Guys! I've never been a fan of horror..but this is changing my mind!!! You made this such a cool concept and the ending will haunt me! AMAZING!

Big fan of the BB's "All Hallow's Eve" from 2019 so I guess another Horror was right in their wheelhouse. Good humour in this and a nice set-up to build character within the limited run-time. Good performances and it all gets nice and creepy by the end. Great stuff.

A really funny and well rounded film. I loved it.

I've seen a couple of other zoom horror movies that are similar to this one but this is by far the best. I think because you did such a good job of setting the film up and developing the characters that I was invested by the time shit hit the fan. Great job! One of my faves of the comp.

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