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The Visitor

by South Island media

Hunter receives messages from the afterlife known as the Grim Reaper who plagued the earth over 700 years ago and took millions lives. He brings back a new black death to spread humanity. Will he succeed with his hand of death or will he be once again sent back into darkness for another 700 years?


Wow! The camera work is amazing. Also looks like it’s was crew of one behind the scenes? Very well done. The shot of kids running around the grim reaper was the highlight! All characters felt relatable which made me care for the main kid even more. The photograph of an army man added to the sense that there was a death in the family, which explains why the kid is haunted by the fantasy if I understand right.

Thanks Marika for your feedback. Your right on the nose with the entire story as it stands. I'm pleased it made sense and you felt for the character.

This was awesome! I really loved the lighting in the last scene. Over all it was quite polished and such a great effort for 48hrs!

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