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Ticked Off

by little foote 802 views


For a school team, making an exam for the premise of a race-against-the-clock film was a quality idea. There are a number of neat visual touches (like the figment of an intimidating teacher hovering our protagonist in a suddenly-emptied exam hall while she succumbs to exam-fright) that vividly represents such pressure. It's just a pity the ending seemed so timid in comparison.

Nice use of technical element. Lipstick on a teachers teeth is something that we can all relate to and in those high pressure situations little details like that do stick out. Otherwise unimaginative cinematography - just covering the basic elements. Bad sound in the the first classroom scene set a bad tone for the whole film. Good sound is so important! I didn't understand the ending. She failed the exam? I feel like the race against the clock should result in her actually getting to the final destination in some way, shape or form.

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