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Speak to Me

by International Enterprises R.T. 243 views


I don't think I've seen anything this team's done before, but really enjoyed this film. What seems like a straight-up obsession film changes tack rather quickly; despite its surreal conceit, it still feels really relatable, and quite funny to boot. And great team intro! Thumbs up all around.

I thought the idea for this film was very good, nice and simple, and set a great tone, but I feel like they could have gone further with the obsession, taken it to an even creepier place.

This film was really nicely done, with a decent concept, solid acting, and easy on the eyes cinematography. It would have done really well in any other heat, but still a great effort among such strong competition.

Default Avatar Sho Nuff

I really liked the premise of this film but felt that it never fully delivered on what was such a great idea. The obsession could have been taken to a way deeper darker level. Still, it was a solid film and very enjoyable.

Great take on the genre. A few good laughs a nicely told story. Nice one.

Default Avatar Allanonwg

Agree with everyone saying it could have been darker, felt like a missed opportunity given the solid premise and the teams overall production values. Quite enjoyed it though, good work.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Thought this was a really good take on the genre. A guy asks Siri the normal questions and she becomes more and more obsessed with him until she starts acting on her own. Thought they could have got a bit darker with it but I still really enjoyed the film. Nice job.

Default Avatar Gonzalo Deza

Good fun and storytelling! Well done!

The idea felt familiar, but this was a great short and could probably stand up outside the competition. Really solid leads, was grounded and didn't venture into ridiculous, which it could very well have.

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

You guys obviously know what you're doing! Clean, solid film, very entertaining.

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