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Postgraduate Massacre

by Halcyon Entertainment 356 views


Technically, this film is a masterpiece. The cinematography, the editing, the sound design etc. are all top knotch and really powerful. I do feel the acting and delivery of dialogue let the film down though, and once again I have to point out how lost I felt having no knowledge of the original film that this one was a sequel to.

As this was a large team, I'm sure they'll do well with the audience vote.... but most were left confused about the story

Default Avatar rotunder

Wow, what an improvement from the first film. You have to respect the fact that you guys have owned it instead of shying away from it. The camera work, filters and FX were very slick, but having not seen the first one in years it was difficult to know what was going on & in some scenes it was hard to hear the dialogue. The fancy production only further highlighted the terrible story from the first one and was quite jarring, there could've been an option to challenge yourselves to make the acting and camera work look as bad as the first one.

Default Avatar Movie Banter

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who have not seen the original this was a sequel to, so that may have hindered my understanding of the story, particularly the ending, which seemed almost like a quick cop out gag. The film crew were the murderers all along? But again, perhaps not having seen the first film means I'm not in on the joke. Regardless of my following of the plot, this film looked and sounded great. Really professional polish to it that they should be proud of. It stuck to its genre nicely and some of the visual gags were really well executed. The dialogue was a bit clunky here and there and one or two of the performances weren't quite as great as they perhaps should have been to match the technical prowess of the film. Overall, it was a good bit of fun, with a great look and feel and I think I'll have to go watch the original.

A great looking film with some slick editing. a few story points were lost on me (like they guy getting hit by a car in the background) but the end gag was a nice touch. and the guy with the swoard through him looked awesome.

Default Avatar B_Smife

Beautifully​ ​shot,​ ​excellent​ ​cinematography,​ ​a​ ​talented​ ​lead​ ​actress​ ​unfortunately​ ​not convincing​ (to young for the part). Promising story but ​in​ ​the​ ​end​ ​it​ ​fell​ ​flat​. Nomination: Biggest Ego Award!

Did not know what to expect. Yeah i saw the original. Prolly made more sense to me. Am gobsmacked by the amount of locations and the quality of the shoot. Love the pacing and editing. Love the selection of music that went with it as well. Sorry - didnt buy that young girl was a detective. Love the ending lol - and yeah its because I saw the original.

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