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Somebody Someone Scott Doar

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Gone Doggy Gone

Student Flat Decor



Great locations and well shot. wasn't too sure where the story was going in some parts but overall a good film. also you had a helicopter so that's pretty awesome.

The good child

You guys looked like you had a heap of fun making this. I was a bit jealous watching the kid driving the digger...ive always wanted to drive a digger. not sure if having a guy williams cameo helped or hindered the film. but everyone one else was great. cant wait to see what you do next year.

La Coquille

Loved the creativity in this one. from the use of slugs as naked snails to the shallow depth of field car driving "effect" there were so many good ideas in this film. auido was a little scratchy in places and the tragic love story didn't add too much but the over all film was a great laugh.


This is probably my favourite film I love loops have produced. Great animation as always, great voice acting and all the jokes landed. A much more stream lined film than previous years so for me this was my favourite of the heat.

The Colour Green

the two leads had great chemistry in some scenes but then was undermined in others as the tone came off a bit jokey. which in 2018 :"its funny cause its gay" doesn't really fly. but if the intention was for it to be a forbidden love then it was a good effort.and got some great audience reactions,


i got half way through this film and thought "the best and funniest possible end to this film would be if he grabs the shit out of the toilet and shoves it in the guys face" glad you were on the same page i had such a big fist pump moment at that. only issue would be it got a bit slow toward the end after the second dunk but that's being very picky. well done again guys i'm sure you will be in the finals.

Wizards Escape

I really liked the message of this film. and the effects were great. hope you guys come back next year, id love to see what you come up with.

Sidney Manson and the Twin Factor 2

Perhaps not a film that requires much deep thought. but my stomach did hurt from laughing so hard. very well animated to great comedic affect.

Stranger Torrentz

Dat Skid Ya'll Also this whole film was amazing. super creative and super funny. hope it makes it to the final as it deserves to be there on concept alone...and that skid


loved the film. really strong idea and very well executed.awesome camera skills aswel easily the best film from heat 1.hope to see you in the finals


The Puppet films are on fire this year and this one was no exception. loved the dialogue and the look. hopefully it makes it to the finals!


a great use of tension in this film. could very easily have dragged on but you ended scenes right at the right moment. ultimately a simple idea told very well and a good performance from the lead. keep up the good work!


This is a film that at first i thought was too predicable but i was one over at the end just by how well executed the final scene was. the middle of the film could have done with a bit more fleshing out to get the audience invested in wanting the two characters to be together. Great over all effort though.

Postgraduate Massacre

A great looking film with some slick editing. a few story points were lost on me (like they guy getting hit by a car in the background) but the end gag was a nice touch. and the guy with the swoard through him looked awesome.

Mother Ship

I quite enjoyed this film although not as much as their previous years work. The jokes were great and the edit suite turned control room was great z grade production design. It felt a bit like you had the set/miniatures ready to go beforehand then planned to apply whatever genre you got to fit thus making gross out quite a challenge for a sci fi set. the split screen was used mostly really well however i felt my attention was being swapped side to side a bit too much which had me being a little lost as to where i was meant to be saying that though ultra was super hard this year. also you get an extra star for lego/ live action miniatures


This film was hilarious with a kind of dark twist. Very reminiscent of the classic nz show "the tribe". nice little chase scene with some great shots. keep up the great work!

Just Another Bloody Family Christmas

funniest movie of the night for me. loved the idea and the comic timing

Survival... in the corporate jungle

This film was such a great feel good story. It had some great laughs and the story was well told. loved the inclusion of the improvised discussion.

For Evelynn

I can never get over how much work goes into an animated film like this. or how each year "I love Loops" seem to be able to come up with such insane yet thoughtful story ideas. in parts the constraints of getting an animated film in on time did come through a bit but over all it was a wonderful little short worth a watch.


loved the film. really strong idea and very well executed.awesome camera skills aswel easily the best film from heat 1.hope to see you in the finals