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Mother Ship

by Halcyon Entertainment


Great Production Value in this Film, I loved the lighting and camera Work. the use of split screen was well utilised, by showing the outside of the space station and on some display screens. even though if sometimes the monitor screen was out of sync with the real time action and dialogue, it worked well. I think they could have used better use of the cringe and gross out aspects of the genre. overall great, acting, great production value and beautiful cinematography

Default Avatar JoshuaMartian

Easily the best use of the splitscreen.,Showing us the ship being piloted outside the window as the two characters converse was a great conceit. The very professional red lighting balanced the charmingly low-budget (but effective) special effects. Writers and actors clearly had a great time on this.

Default Avatar Dane Jacobs

The production levels on this were spectacular as usual! I loved the lighting and the Lego spaceship stuff was really well done. I didn't even realise it was just Lego at first. I think the most technically impressive part was showing the character performing on one side of the split screen, and then the same performance on a monitor on the other side... kinda mind-bending stuff. Great use of split screen, everything was conveyed very clearly. Split screen would have been very daunting to work with and edit together seamlessly when you're sleep deprived! The story didn't feel quite as tight as some of your earlier films, but the dialogue was well written and performed well.

A really enjoyable film with some great gags, although I feel it could’ve embraced the genre further with even more cringe.

I quite enjoyed this film although not as much as their previous years work. The jokes were great and the edit suite turned control room was great z grade production design. It felt a bit like you had the set/miniatures ready to go beforehand then planned to apply whatever genre you got to fit thus making gross out quite a challenge for a sci fi set. the split screen was used mostly really well however i felt my attention was being swapped side to side a bit too much which had me being a little lost as to where i was meant to be saying that though ultra was super hard this year. also you get an extra star for lego/ live action miniatures

Dark Star but with your mom jokes instead of phenomenology. Not sure if that's an improvement, but I really enjoyed the aesthetic of this film. For the most part the action cut well, so the split screen/green screen gimmick felt natural. Some inspired lighting, simple costumes and brilliant miniatures all work in harmony to create a film that looks a lot more polished than it is. A film I just want to watch again and again to see how it was made.

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