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by Christchurch Film Collaborators

A couple reluctantly go on a hike when things start to get a little weird.


I found the dialogue refreshing and I believe couples and friends can relate to and whenever you want to start a serious conversation, they are always distracted.

The establishing shots at the start were crisp and nice framing too.

did not expect the twist at the end and it was well concluded.

What I liked:
Really well shot, really well edited. Great location too.

What I didn't like:
Bit of a "it was all a dream" ending no? If there were no stakes the whole time because it's just a game, I feel like that's not a very exciting place to elevate the story to.

Something else I liked:
The editing when the game is glitching out looks great though, I think this film would have done better if this kind of creative filmmaking was going on the whole time. Maybe it shouldn't even be a twist that they're in a video game.

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