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The good child

by Just Scratch It 136 views


I actually really like this film, the story was told well and they achieved some big laughs while hitting this tough genre..... great to see a family having fun This was the team that thanks to HP, won Guy Williams as a cameo appearance.... I like that they didn't "over use him" .... nice subtle drone shot at the end too

A lot of good stuff in this film, and the comedy of the situations were a nice counter balance to the shoddy camera work. Nice use of gratuitous cameo.

Awesome effort and looked like you had heaps of fun. Great performances from the kids too.

Default Avatar rotunder

Good movie, had some funny scenes in it and I appreciate you guys giving it a go with your family and friends. The Mum constantly sticking up for her son saying he is a "A Good Child" annoyed me a bit, but only now I realise that was the title of the film. I can't remember if you had a title card or not but I was a little lost to the genre of the film while viewing. If you did have one - ignore my comment, otherwise it would be a helpful addition in the future. Liked the ending scene - it was well shot and with a classic creepy smile by the kid.

You guys looked like you had a heap of fun making this. I was a bit jealous watching the kid driving the digger...ive always wanted to drive a digger. not sure if having a guy williams cameo helped or hindered the film. but everyone one else was great. cant wait to see what you do next year.

Example-based storytelling is limited at the best of times. I lost interest in seeing each of the bad things the boy had done by the second example, and they didn't seem to build up in any form, and did little to expand on the boy's character. Good drone shot at the end, complete story, and Guy Williams is hilarious as always.

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