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by Kapai Kids


This team shows a lot of skill and creativity. Shot compositions and dialogue were particularly good (and ballsy for such a young team). My only key concern with the film was that the story was a little unclear at times. It took far too long for us to learn who the guy was that they were chasing. Other than that, hats off to you. I hope you guys continue with the competition far into the future.

This film was hilarious with a kind of dark twist. Very reminiscent of the classic nz show "the tribe". nice little chase scene with some great shots. keep up the great work!

I think for such a young team you clearly have great technical ability, that said I found the story a bit lacking in terms of any real entertainment value. You know the fancy tricks, now you need to work on the more mundane aspects of storytelling.

After expository youth protest news footage, we are zapped into the present future where everyone born prior to the millenium has been annihilated, or so it seems. With a concrete post apocalyptic vibe, guerilla Sami Raimi-inspired camerawork and frenetic editing, this team really presented their film with an urgency that sent the blood pumping. I particularly liked the colourful WARRIORS-inspired gang of juvenile delinquents, and some of your shots were absolutely beautifully framed. Where I think the film could have been a little better was that due to the dialogue heavy way the story was set, it almost came across as a blink and you missed what was really happening opening to the bravura. Also whilst I liked the music that was utilised when the hunt was on, the edit was a bit jumpy in terms of the A/V match up. However I really grooved on the tone, and enjoyed the attempt at a ecological footprint PSA message. Having said that, the stabby ending is one of my personal bugbears in 48Hours so that's the reason for the 4/7.

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