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by Illegal Immigrants 39 views


a great use of tension in this film. could very easily have dragged on but you ended scenes right at the right moment. ultimately a simple idea told very well and a good performance from the lead. keep up the good work!

Default Avatar Kyan

Some really great film making here! Some of the most creative lighting I've seen. The moment when the blinds move as she goes to sit down i was like - oooooh character motivated lighting change over here! A lot of the shots, pacing, lack of music and general tone had a lot of control and knew what they were going for. What the film was "about" ended up kinda being what it appeared to be from the start, so if the story had had a little bit more to it, or if it had maybe been the same idea but a little more bonkers could really have elevated it for me.

Style over substance all the way here - perhaps taking the show don't tell mantra a bit too far. A bit more of a clear narrative or audience pay off and I'd have been an absolute cheerleader. Clearly metaphorical - but some greater clarity was needed or an even more heightened sense of inexplicable fear, loathing and dread. But none the less the visually the film delivered - and I felt thats what really mattered to your team. Theres probably lots of technical quibbles I could make re the visuals - but none of them would change my assessment that someone in the team definitely has a great eye and wanted to exercise that skill.

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