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by I Love Loops


This is probably my favourite film I love loops have produced. Great animation as always, great voice acting and all the jokes landed. A much more stream lined film than previous years so for me this was my favourite of the heat.

Wow, now this is an incredible feat. This film looked like it should’ve taken weeks to produce. Not only was it technically incredible, but the story was clever and the jokes were all great. 48Hour filmmaking at its finest.

Default Avatar Nathanl127

Amazing animation and story 10/10. I just came here to write that animating the robot's mouth would've gone a long way in the beginning.

Wowee! What a film. What a grand old time I had watching this. I think this may very well be I Love Loops' best work to date and possibly my favourite of theirs too... I have to watch them all again. A really cool and kooky mad scientist sci-fi story with great moments of comedy. The cutaways showing the effects of the mad scientist's tampering were all hilarious and was another great way for this team to showcase their different animation styles. This is such a polished product, especially for animated film and I was thrilled to see (or hear, rather) that the overall audio was a step up from their previous works too. Great voice acting and general sound quality/design throughout. I really don't think I have any negatives to point out... It was "fooking lush". Amazing work. My favourite of the night and probably one of my favourite 48 films in general.

Default Avatar Robert Hartley

One of my favourite films of the night. I Love Loops' submissions get better every year and this one was of such a quality that it could have taken weeks to create. The voice acting was great, the story was smart, the animation crisp, the jokes landed, the cutaways added humour and depth to the world. I can't wait to see what this team submits next year.

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