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Just Another Bloody Family Christmas



If you hadn't mentioned the difficulties you went through I never would have known that things did not turn out as intended. I liked how you used the window into the backyard to extend the one room concept. I also liked how the zombies? in the backyard came in slowly at first and continued to get more involved through out the film. I think that having christmas dinner with your drunk girl would be horror enough, and then you have the 'other white meat' on the table as well :) Good work guys.

funniest movie of the night for me. loved the idea and the comic timing

Cinematography was out standing, actors were fantastic the little smudge of lipstick on the drunk actress was also mint.

Default Avatar WaikatoRiverLuvah

Well what can I say... Lots of laughs, lots of weirdness, no idea what happened, it looked pretty and very entertaining! FAV of the night. The zombies were so so good. Would love to have seen what you could have made without all the issues! Best makeup?? Yeah.

Default Avatar Sibelius6

Quite enjoyed this even though I had no idea what was going on. Cool zombies in the background/taking over the film!!!! Really good cinematography and the music was amazinggg

Default Avatar mmmmmwaikato

wow, what can I say about this film? Its such a bummer you guys had so many problems, but in saying that the final film has some quality moments. love the zombies! REALLY GOOD! esp the bit when that chick bit the head off the bird or whatever it was.. had good humor. the drunk girl is amazing!!! really funny. also well executed and I enjoyed your use of the One Room situation.. Was a tad confusing and extreme but I guess we have come to expect that from this team!! well done guys!!

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