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La Coquille

by Halcyon Entertainment 515 views


man, that HD camera. some beautiful shots, feeling straight from the show planet earth. a good little story with a tragic finality. though I feel it was more visual gags and absurdity of situation which made it great. the dialogue felt inconsequential and not really that necessary. my favourite of the night. what a great team.

Loved the creativity in this one. from the use of slugs as naked snails to the shallow depth of field car driving "effect" there were so many good ideas in this film. auido was a little scratchy in places and the tragic love story didn't add too much but the over all film was a great laugh.

Top notch production values is a given with this team, but should never be under rated in terms of achieving on a deadlinr when trying something new - and the ULTRA all animal main cast decision was certainly that. Wrangling snails effectively and editing the resulting footage with voice acting into what amounted to more seemingly convincing and nuanced performances than many human competitors provide is no mean feat. Clever reveal which I enjoyed, especially as I should of seen it coming but didn't. Disclosure: These guys are mates, but if they didn't deliver they'd expect me to say so. They definitely delivered.

Default Avatar Dane Jacobs

This is probably my favourite Halcyon film so far. I absolutely love that you not only stepped up to the ultra challenge and made EVERY character an animal, but went with a very unexpected choice of animal. As always the cinematography was absolutely beautiful. I have to admit I can barely remember the story because I was so caught up in the technical qualities but it was probably a good idea to stick to a simple story to allow all the crazy ideas room to breathe.

Default Avatar Movie Banter

This was astonishing in its visuals, with the camera work, the "actors" (great choice for Ultra), sets/location, the props and minis as well as some of the gags. It's obvious Halcyon know how to craft something beautiful and the audience loved it. In saying that, it did feel as the story was almost completely lost to the visuals. Unfortuantely I honestly can't remember anything of what the snails were talking about/what was going on. And to add to this, the audio was a big let down in its quality, particularly when paired with the amazing look of the film.

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