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The Colour Green

by James & Warren 48 views


the two leads had great chemistry in some scenes but then was undermined in others as the tone came off a bit jokey. which in 2018 :"its funny cause its gay" doesn't really fly. but if the intention was for it to be a forbidden love then it was a good effort.and got some great audience reactions,

If you are going to try and take inspiration from famous film makers (clear Wes Anderson nods as this film opens) you need the balls to not abandon that one minute in and also the balls to deliver on the setup that you create for the audience. This film chickens out, multiple times, when it should have been brave. If you want people to respect your work and respect you cribbing from better filmmakers then you at least need to match the bravery of those you copy even if you can't match their skill

Default Avatar angoosewright

Some parts of the story didn't make sense to me (earpiece etc.) and therefore had the effect of me thinking what exactly wad meant. Dialogue made up for it so it helped me understand.

Default Avatar Movie Banter

I liked the concept behind this a lot more than I did the execution unfortunately. It didn't feel so much like there was a real romance the audience should root for in a backwards world, but more like they were playing it gay for laughs. My apologies if either or both of the actors are in fact gay, but it certainly felt more like a joke. There also wasn't enough substance in the middle to suggest how dangerous it was for them and/or what the consequences were. I also didn't quite understand the little earpiecething at the end. Was this the puishment? Suicide? Was it the same thing that was used at the beginning? A little more care with the script would have gone a long way here.

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