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by Haynesfilm Bunch 983 views


Fantastic film. The puppets were gorgeous. A great subversion of the zombie genre also. Great work all round

Holy crap. Probably my pick for the overall competition winner for 2016. When the Puppet genre was chosen (I guess to replace musical), this is the film I bet the festival runners were hoping would be made. From the ingenious title, to the consistently inconsistent dystopian aesthetic of the puppets (I honestly loved how there was no constant species or style of puppet, they all were just random junky looking things), to the dope one-liner the Monkey puppet drops at the climax, this film is a wild ride and I'm stoked to have seen it this early in what will be a long run in the competition.

The Puppet films are on fire this year and this one was no exception. loved the dialogue and the look. hopefully it makes it to the finals!

Default Avatar Blake Rainey

Incredibly impressive! The scale of your set and the use of camera angles really help us engage with the world and the puppets within it. Mahnamana. Great script and use of close ups.

My word, this was amazing! This is exactly what I wanted to see from a puppet movie. Everything about it was on point. The look of both the puppets themselves and the set, the not-at-all-misused Muppets references and the strong well told story itself. The framing of each shot and the depth, levels and positioning of the puppets really made the characters come alive in the frame and helped the whole vibe of the film. I thought the villains being portrayed by human hands was awesome and the way they dealt with the attacks and subsequent reveal of the puppeteers hands was ingenious. So slick. The only criticism I have, and I don't think this will or should have any bearing on anyone's judging of this film, is that the actual mouth syncing of the puppets was noticeably off at times, but I say that with it having made no impact on my love for this film and as I understand, that's a ridiculously hard task unless you're a professional puppeteer. Great work guys. Outstanding! My favourite so far. I imagine this'll get through to the finals. I certainly hope so anyway.

Puppet movies are sooo not my jam!!! But this movie was cool!! Sheesh man, did you guys just have puppets lying around ready to go for this? Lol had we have gotten this genre we would have been using stick men!! You guys are obviously very talented!!! Good job!

Default Avatar Dane Jacobs

Absolutely incredible! It met a good balance between parody and just good quality story telling. This could easily have fallen into the trap of "it's funny because their puppets" but instead, it hooked us into believing in and loving the characters right way and for half the film, so when we finally DO see human hands, the impact was much stronger. Amazing atmosphere, special effects, performances, everything, great work!

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