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i got half way through this film and thought "the best and funniest possible end to this film would be if he grabs the shit out of the toilet and shoves it in the guys face" glad you were on the same page i had such a big fist pump moment at that. only issue would be it got a bit slow toward the end after the second dunk but that's being very picky. well done again guys i'm sure you will be in the finals.

This is a fantastic little film. The comedy value of this one was great in that it really struck true with their genre of 'High School Movie'. The animation/art styles of this one are pretty next level, certainly as far as the competition is concerned and I think this is their best effort yet. It is the most polished work they have produced, in that every shot felt/looked complete and not as though they had to rush to finish anything. The colour pallette was really cool too. Very vibrant and lots to look at. It felt like the best use of their distinct 'change-animation-styles-every-scene' thing they do so well since their film 'Frame Race'. My only issue (a small one at that) is the audio. The dialogue, though very little of it, was a tiny bit hard to make out and at times it felt like sound effects were missing. In any case, this was my favourite film of the heat and I think these guys deserve a finals nod. Thanks I Love Loops. Great work.

Technically and artistically this animated short displays incredible skills given the time involved. Clearly the work of a collection of visualists with talent and techniques to burn, if you want to be wowed by talent, time management and technique this is one to watch. Gross out humour and speaking to a sort of nightmarish world of the worst imaginable high school fears, fates and insecurities - the films climax (or perhaps multiple climaxes...) are visual representation of everything as powerful and puerile as a puberty stricken psyche itself. As an exploration of genre, as a trial of talents the work is a triumph. It's not a story that fully satisfies an audience, but as a lurid mix betweem artful exploration and flat out visual gags it absolutely does.

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I think this was a big step up from their film last year, in terms of the overall finished quality of animation and had a much simpler story to tell, while still dabbling in the fantastical. Considering they had the high school movie genre, I can appreciate what they were doing with the humour throughout, however it seemed to rely a little too heavily on the one type of joke (that being d!ck jokes) which kind of just left you waiting in expectance for the next big penis reveal at times. In saying that, the audience loved it and were laughing the whole way through, as was I. The ending was great because the proverbial sword to slay the bully wasn't just another penis gag but brought back the poo that was set up earlier, floating in the toilet, which I didn't see coming. A huge effort for an animation team and I look forward to seeing what else they do.

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