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For Evelynn

by I Love Loops 151 views


I started out being really blown away by this but it soon became apparent the project was too ambitious for a 48hour film. The animation frame rate got lower and lower towards the end and there were a lot of unfinished shots. Had the quality from the beginning not been so high it wouldn't have been so jarring. Still, what was finished was bloody amazing and it was refreshing to see a fully fleshed out story instead of going for cheap laughs (yes I'm guilty of doing exactly that - lol). It was a bloody (no pun intended) good story too and definitely one of the standout films on the night. Perhaps go for something a bit shorter next year as the skills are there to take out the competition!

I Love Loops are a team I look forward to every year, and I often lament their frequent exclusion from the finals. I admired their ambition this year by taking on a different subject matter than their usual space opera aesthetic, but I don't know if this is their strongest work. FOR EVELYNN suffers mostly from a story concept which takes a little long for the audience to understand and become fully on board with. I think a little dialogue may have helped here, but I understand if that's against the team's rules. Other than that, I still really enjoyed what was brought to the table, and the format of their films continues to inspire me.

Default Avatar BooWhoMusic

I know how hard this team worked, and that alone is astonishing to me. To see the sheer dedication and commitment in trying to accomplish an animated production in 48 hours that ticks all the boxes, and the pure ambition to push the boundaries of what's expected, is just so inspirational. I'm glad I could help out, I wouldn't be able to survive on an hour sleep like some of the team members, let alone work continuously for the rest of the day. china

I can never get over how much work goes into an animated film like this. or how each year "I love Loops" seem to be able to come up with such insane yet thoughtful story ideas. in parts the constraints of getting an animated film in on time did come through a bit but over all it was a wonderful little short worth a watch.

Default Avatar Movie Banter

This was a really risky and ambitious effort from these guys. I absolutely loved the style and look of the animation itself. Very professional looking, even if it they did apparently run out of time to finish up certain shots. The talent is still on display regardless. For a film with no dialogue, they managed to put together a really heartfelt story, with a great lead character that you really got behind. It did suffer slightly, I feel, from dragging a bit as the time period skipped ahead and you knew roughly what the new segment had in store, though the final chapter made up for it with a really sweet and satisfying end to her journey.

Default Avatar B_Smife

The​ ​animation​ ​was​ ​excellent​ ​(world​ ​class!)​ ​Story​ ​a​ ​little​ ​so​ ​so..​ ​In​ ​the​ ​end​ ​I​ ​lost​ ​interest. Nomination: Best Animation by a Mile!

A lot of missed opportunity for this here film. A talented bunch of animators with a cute story, but it's not where your going, it's how you get there. The scene by scene didn't play too well, with a set of boring-in-their-own-right scenarios of the same situation playing over and over again, and I was left thinking "why should I care?". Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it's only because I expected more from a talented group. Each scene is a platform for creativity, creating something new and exciting with each moment, don't get lost in telling the story. On personal note, I'm a lover of dialogue, so I guess a silent piece was never going to gel with me. I'd recommend getting some voice actors, animation is a unique platform, where complex characters can be created so easily, if they're allowed to talk. But if not, think of moments of comedy to engage the audience and endear them to the characters, or if not comedy something unexpected.

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