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The Forest Room

by Sideways Productions 1,325 views


Phenomenal. Well executed, shot, edited, and the story delivered the genre really well. Definitely a contender for the finals.

Default Avatar CatFan

A woman in a sensory deprival tank leave notes for herself so that when she wakes up, she'll be able to start a new life. Nice production value, but this film needed a more cohesive story to pull me in. I think that the woman had a bad thing happen to her or her boyfriend while she was at work, and was trying to forget it -- but there weren't quite enough clues for me to be sure that's what it meant.

Nice looking shots but I didn't understand the plot at all, wasn't very clear what was going on or why it was a mystery, perhaps next time aye.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Production value had me pretty envious and the concept was pretty nice too, from what I could tell it was basically about a woman trying to forget her past and though what that past was could have been a bit more clear everything was very solid and it was one of the best in the heat.

Default Avatar Sherief Ryan

I really enjoyed it. The actress pulled off a role like that and the editing was especially good and well done in 48 hours.

Default Avatar Anton Kowalski

Great movie, captivating, unique location, good acting

Default Avatar cookie_crumbles

Great looking short. I didn't get the plot though. Mystery is a tough genre to nail and I guess they left the audience wondering what the hell was going on. Giving this 4 stars because the production value was outstanding. Story, not so much.

Default Avatar SharkTank

This was a visually interesting film, one of the best looking ones in the heat. Obviously a lot of effort has gone into figuring out the story, but unfortunately a great deal of the main character's backstory isn't clearly communicated. In the end this makes everything a bit hollow, which is a shame - that spa pod thing is really cool!

Default Avatar atroberts

Very, very cool film, but a touch too abstract. Too big of a concept for a 7 minute limit, perhaps? Would love to see the team develop this idea into something lengthier.

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