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Morgan Foster Presents: Mindcreep Cinema

by Chess Club 259 views


You'd expect big things from this heavy-hitting team (former national grand final winners) and they don't disappoint this year. Their Criss Angel-esque Morgan Foster from 2014's Mind Creep returns, and this time he has reinvented himself as the Garth Marenghi-inspired host (if Marenghi was played by Matt Berry at his most manic) of a television horror anthology show, introducing a creepy little ghost story. If this film has a flaw, I imagine I would have to watch it several more times to spot it. Definitely one to watch out for in the final.

Chess Club never fails to impress, and their 2017 submission is no exception. Morgan Foster Presents: Mindcreep Cinema is a perfect marriage of hilarity and horror - an unconventional sequel to their 2014 fantasy-adventure Mind Creep. While the film may star legendary mage-man Morgan Foster, the real magic on display is Chess Clubs creative and technical wizardry. Between the tight concept, exceptional sound, and stunning cinematography, you'd be forgiven for forgetting this film was conceived and produced in 48 hours. Bravo, Chess Club, bravo.

This was a slick film. Great production value, on point performances, and great pacing. The story, while funny, seemed a little off. It might be because I wanted to see a more traditional sequel to Mind Creep (the original ends on a great "To be Continued ..." moment), but I felt a little cheated. Still, it's great to see Morgan Foster the Magician back. I just wish he was present in his sequel - love that character!

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Another slick film by these veterans 48ers. Nicely told and shot movie that is definitely worth a watch.

I love love LOVE the concept for this film. Sequel or not (I haven't actually seen the original MIND CREEP), I really got into the idea of a "Twilight Zone" inspired anthology show, and having it presented by a past character is the only way to do it! HOWEVER sadly I do feel a lot was sacrificed in order to make this happen; the actual story-within-the-story was pretty unclear in places, and I sense there may be a more lucid 5+ minute original on the cutting room floor. It felt more like a fully formed and well made idea for an original short film that was sandwiched in between the Morgan Foster narrative device as for it to technically qualify as a sequel. Both story layers are great, I just feel the ultimately didn't merge as well as Chess Club probably hoped. Still, I found it very endearing and entertaining, and I'll be damned if the use of the Wilhelm scream in the opening credits for Morgan's show isn't the most natural and best use of that stupid sound effect we'll see in the rest of this year's competition.

Default Avatar kermath

Adding to last years success, this short feels like it should be an entire TV series. It felt stand-alone, with every moment is engaging and cast extremely talented. Cinematography was so, so good. Some of it felt rushed, but hey, it's 48 hours. Hope you make it to the finals!

Visually strong but I got a bit lost in the execution of the story. I'm sure if I had the original in my mind it would make more sense to me. I found myself wowed by the cinematography, the performances were strong in all aspects, but it all just went a bit blurry in terms of cohesion perhaps. Almost like it got a bit too clever for its own good. I'm a big fan of Chess Club's previous efforts though particularly the musical, but this one wasn't quite as up there, but I admit perhaps I need to see it again.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

Chess Club do it again. I had hoped there would have been a return to Bread Winner but it does take a brave team to voluntarily go back to musical. I think they were perhaps pushing the idea of a sequel a bit too far, but I really enjoyed the film none the less. It was a really slick presentation on a very simple idea, the bookending by Morgan Foster held the the otherwise thin plot together really well and the performances were outstanding. It just goes to show that you can do amazing things when you keep it simple.

Ah, Chess Club, always one to watch out for... I was a huge fan of this concept, but I think it would have been more cohesive in a 7-minute cut. Liked the use of that dreaded Wilhelm scream. Enjoyed the lead's performance.

high production values. great acting, awesome shots. think you guys needed more than 5 mins to pull of the high concept you have. awesome job. its so easy to forget it was done in 48hours.

This is my favourite of this team's films. I loved it. I could only guess why this team didn't qualify for the finals - maybe because it wasn't what most would consider a sequel. Regardless this film had me laughing like crazy. I loved it

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