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Somebody Someone Michael Hollis

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The Game is All

I adored this film. I love the Dungeons and Dragons / RPG references, and the D20, high elf references. Great story and acting

Le Heist en Cajun

I agree with Robstar. This was a great film. I think it may have been DQ'ed because there was no female (that I can remember). But it was funny as. And to support Rob's korero also, the actor Seth would've got a best Supporting actor nomination if there was such a category. I loved your film

Til we meet again

I adore this film. I love the chemistry between the two lead actresses. Wonderful performances. I would be surprised if both aren't nominated for best performance

Paradise Forbidden

Directing was amazing. The song was mean

Ren and Zinger: Best Friends Forever

I couldn't decide between who I liked better between Ren and Zinger, so I'm going #TeamRen because Ren hooked his friend up.

The Con

Mean movie

Unwanted Guest

The song and score are original compositions created during the 48 hours by Uni-fi lead singer Cory Garrett and his son Manaia.

Focused on Murder

I love how the name of the film has a triple entendre and has a deeper meaning in terms of plot development

Morgan Foster Presents: Mindcreep Cinema

This is my favourite of this team's films. I loved it. I could only guess why this team didn't qualify for the finals - maybe because it wasn't what most would consider a sequel. Regardless this film had me laughing like crazy. I loved it

The Harvest

Karaiti (Jeff Rangihuna) is travelling across Europe with only his cell phone, backpack and sense of adventure with him. On a beautiful sunny day Karaiti chances upon a winery looking for new workers. He meets vinyard owner Adam (Bjorn Ahman) who welcomes him with open arms. However things are a little strange and peculiar after meeting Adam's wife (Amelia Williams) and groundskeeper (Cory Garrett). Also things get a bit bizzare when Karaiti meets the quiet sisters (Britta Kulp, Tia Takarangi and Taylor-Leigh Parsons). The Harvest (2018) is Michael Hollis' second directorial film after the debut of his film "Ren and Zinger: Best Friends Forever" in 2017, the 2017 Gisborne 48hour runner-up. Also featuring Holly Davis and Ben Cowper. Editing done by Ryan Ledger.