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Focused on Murder

by Cowps Productions 3,833 views


Default Avatar cowps1

It's my teams movie, so i'm going to give it 5 stars.

I love how the name of the film has a triple entendre and has a deeper meaning in terms of plot development

Default Avatar tiatakarangi

Great story line and use of prop and character. LOVE THE NAME

Default Avatar Moo Cow

I liked this movie. My favorite in heat 1. The man in court was good

Default Avatar S3r1al-K1ll3r

Good movie, a few laughs and good storyline.

Default Avatar Wiremu Ruru

Great plot and twist to conclude the film. Crazy Bird Watcher!

Default Avatar Bryony Shackell

Hard case film. Fun to watch.

Default Avatar metlagrl

Brilliant film....great story and well put together

Default Avatar Maas

Awesome film. Good story and acting

Default Avatar TopGun

Possibly the year of Cowps! Good competition this year!

Default Avatar Ohia Hollis

Best film out of them all

Default Avatar Charmaine Clark

Way to go team Cowps!

Default Avatar Vanya Brown

I love it. Well done cowps productions!

Default Avatar Lance Taylor

Oscar quality A++++

Default Avatar Nick Witters

excellent film

Default Avatar Ryan Ledger1

Epic short film with a good plot twist

Default Avatar Ivan Te Momo

Oscar Performance

Default Avatar The late willie nelsons

well developed film and great chase at the end . best 48 film ever in 8 years in gissy

Default Avatar Awhina English


Default Avatar Ben Cowper

Love this Movie

Default Avatar Sheree Barker

Fantastic film! Loved it; A+ entertainment.

Default Avatar vidman


Default Avatar Barbz Pulley

Awesome!!!!! Awesome awesome awesome!!!

Default Avatar Jennifer Kemp


Default Avatar Wini Ruru

Awesome film

Default Avatar Danni

Best Film- Great story line with a Beginning, Middle and End. Acting was 5 star quality!

Default Avatar AltonHoward123

it was a good film, but people rating on their own film is highly unfair on the other contestants and is forbidden. Different camera zooms for the court scene would have been good.

Default Avatar Isaac Martin

Awesome use of genre and storyline in this movie!

The most well produced Cowps Productions 48 film that I've seen. The dialogue and script lent itself to the story incredibly well, though the plot didn't hold much weight. The acting from both the accused criminal and the lawyer kept this film entertaining, but the cheesy shot at the end killed the twist for me.

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