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The Harvest

by cowps productions 190 views


Karaiti (Jeff Rangihuna) is travelling across Europe with only his cell phone, backpack and sense of adventure with him. On a beautiful sunny day Karaiti chances upon a winery looking for new workers. He meets vinyard owner Adam (Bjorn Ahman) who welcomes him with open arms. However things are a little strange and peculiar after meeting Adam's wife (Amelia Williams) and groundskeeper (Cory Garrett). Also things get a bit bizzare when Karaiti meets the quiet sisters (Britta Kulp, Tia Takarangi and Taylor-Leigh Parsons). The Harvest (2018) is Michael Hollis' second directorial film after the debut of his film "Ren and Zinger: Best Friends Forever" in 2017, the 2017 Gisborne 48hour runner-up. Also featuring Holly Davis and Ben Cowper. Editing done by Ryan Ledger.

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