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by Electric Shoelace 339 views


Good use of humor and effects in post. I would suggest to improve the crop. Mostly at the beginning of the film you couldn't see the whole head. Well Done :)

love the idea behind this short film. you could do so much with that kind of storyline! well done.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

When two burglars break into a house, they inadvertently find a Rubik's cube with very special properties and every twist of it brings a new problem. This short is really well done. Cool little idea, well acted, nice use of FX and well-timed humour. It also doesn't go on for too long and therefore overplay its hand. Little bit of distracting wind noise over the microphone at the start and I'm sure I've used the music myself that played during the first two minutes - always weird to hear that! Nice work!

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