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by Polyester Reelers 498 views


I quite like this one. I liked the use of the tracking of the twitter text over the characters but with a bit more time you could have tidied it up a bit and made it look a bit more accurate. The acting was decent as was the cinematography, some nice camera moves in there. The story however was pretty predictable and it could have offered some more twists and turns to make it more interesting, good effort.

this was such a great film. If i were to fault it in anyway, Fad as a genre was a bit stretched. But I truly enjoyed it to the end. Great stuff guys.

Default Avatar vault502

Good stuff, liked the intro. I was a little sceptical at first as it is a little cliqued and "clever" to make a movie about social media, however despite my reservations about the topic I thought this movie was OK. The first diologe sceen felt so natural, the actress playing Bobby Y really came across as if I was right there talking to her, well done impressive job. The whole start conversation was natural, this is not doubt due to the script writters as well as the actors, the smoothness of this scene and natural "real" feel reminded me of the first diologe scene in "Limitless". Slick cinematiography, I noted the camera got a bit shacky when she exits the house, nice.. real gave a sense of unease. What was with the guy carying the giant bear! Haha don't know if it was intentional but best moment of the film. So this movie was well made, well acted, wel directed, but i'll be honest I felt though that it lacked being interesting. This could have been a great movie with a better plot, but I thought the stalker theme was abit of a copout. A slick film that was watchable, entertaining, but just felt hollow. The story was ok, just left no room for any deeper meaning. You guys have alot of potential to make good films, I hate to see it wasted on the safe option... I'm probebly being a bit harsh but going for the safe option is what I dislike most about films! I look foward to your entry next year and hope you put your excellent acting and filming skills to more creative endevours! I have said this in so many reviews this year, because there is so much talent out there that seem to make films with no passion but great film making skills... but my suggestion is get one crazy team member who is really passionate about filming and creative ideas, and then make their dream film! You have the power in your hands, now go use it!

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