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It Only Works With Beans

by Freinds of The Hum 240 views


A variation on the usual superhero movie. Everyone has a superhero status in this movie you only have to find out what it is. Some good camera, sound and editing makes this movie easy to watch. The actors clearly enjoyed their parts and had fun with them. This film was disqualified so better luck next time.

Was entertaining for parts... good idea not executed to its potential. Still a pity it was Dq'd. Better luck next year

love the superhero types! esp tampon woman.

Loved the jokes and everyone is a superhero waiting to come out. Disjointed in parts. Are you trying to say being a superhero is like a job with attitude?

Default Avatar WhiteKong

Good Concept. Needed better execution. All the best for next year

Default Avatar kizzlemizzlebizzle

A slacker who lives an alternative universe where everyone is a superhero, attempts to find what his superpower is. This was a very funny movie with heaps of cheap gags (in a good way). They didn’t let the story get in the way of the hilarity. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, but I liked it anyway. Although, I didn’t understand why the lead character got angry, which resulted in him discovering his superpower as he was so chilled out leading up to it. In terms of the technical aspects, I have no memory of whether it was good or bad. So it must have been good enough for me not to notice. Although some scenes lacked a variety of angles. Awesome job though, genuinely enjoyed it.

The different superhero introductions were hilarious. Tampon Girl was great. The ending was a bit of a let down. His superpower could have been something better than that. Overall, good work.

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