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Somebody Someone Calvin Sang

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The Box

The beginning of this film was amazing. I loved how the two scenes intertwined with each other, and it really gave a driving, intense feel. The rest of the film was not as much up to par, however it was still very entertaining and funny. Now I just need to know what the hell was in the box!


First off, the team info was pretty awesome. But, the film itself was hard to follow, and technical difficulties with the audio were definitely an issue as well There are some nice locations chosen, as well as some nicely framed shots. However it just didn't seem to come together. Maybe this style of film making just isn't for me. Well done to the main actress for going nude, as well as giving a convincing performance.


A very nice, simple storyline told with perfect flow, nice acting and pacing. Strong contender for regionals!

Chasing Tale

Many laughable moments from the audience. A nice idea, but could have been built upon more. It seemed to be the same thing over and over again.

Keep out of Reach

Poor storytelling. It did have some alrightcolour effects (the red stuff) and the hand stab was very shocking (and convincing). But everything was hard to follow, as well as the relationships between the characters. It is a difficult genre to get right, and I do understand you must have had some limitations physically with your actors, but mostly the movie just came across as confusing.

The Red Menace

A solid film. Beautifully shot, the visuals were tops. Although the ending was predictable (and in any other context without "FILM WITHIN A FILM" on the title screen, it would have worked wonderfully), it was carried out nicely.

Attack of the Mutant Fruit Flies

Some hilarious spots such as the condoms on the leaves, but the film didn't have a well thought through storyline and had no clear direction. The 3D effects needed lots of work.

It Only Works With Beans

The different superhero introductions were hilarious. Tampon Girl was great. The ending was a bit of a let down. His superpower could have been something better than that. Overall, good work.

A Letter To A Samurai

I've watched this film so many times, it's that good. What really made it was the main actor. He naturally acted the role with great kiwi humour. The story was good enough, with many hilarious moments and lines "Yeah nah, that'd be a mean as opening voiceover". So disappointed this was DQ'd, would have most definitely been a grand finalist. Better luck next year guys, looking forward to it!

Love In Decay

No idea how you guys pull this off every year.Well done. Some of the shots didn't have those finishing touches on them, but the dialogue, original idea, voice acting and of course animation was great. Well done. Definitely a contender for regionals.

Phillipe et l'etrang

HILARIOUS. This film had me laughing the hardest out of all in the heat. It's a shame that you had technical difficulties at the end. Surely this wasn't intentional, but with a couple more hours in the edit, this could have been something very special. Hats off to the lead and all the other voice talent. You did a fantastic job. Favourite moments would be the bottle caps American Beauty-esque scene with the fireworks, and the classy voiceover. Great. Just great. I'm afraid that I need to mark you down with the rating because of the HUGE technical error at the end of the film. Normally we would disregard small errors in the spirit of the competition, but this is no minor editing error. In any other competition this would have been a deal breaker. Can't wait to see your film next year, you guys are definitely talented!

Nicky Brick on the Pukeko

The shot with the leaves at the end really sold it for me. The rest of the film didn't really do it, but there was some nice lighting and camera work done. I suppose there are many limitations with this genre and you guys handled it well.

Attack of the Mutant Fruit Flies

Some hilarious spots such as the condoms on the leaves, but the film didn't have a well thought through storyline and had no clear direction. The 3D effects needed lots of work.

Moving On

The film made good use of editing between the past and present. The camera angles were very nice, as was the acting and overall flow of the film. The ending came as a surprise. Very well done.

The Child Jumpers

I like the classic kiwi humour and documentary type feel about this film. Although the screening had some technical issues towards the end, the film is well made with good production values, acting and concept.

The One

A great concept about a guy with one testacle (the BALL) trying to lose his virginity. The film had a lot of laughs, some of them genuine, however I feel as though most of the laughs were from people laughing at it than with it. Could just be me though.