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Nicky Brick on the Pukeko

by Jim's Team


I'm guessing this was a school team and if I am right this was the best film I've seen done by a school team in this festival. The cinematography, and sound was ok and the simple storyline was ok too. There was a bit in the middle where the camera was following the main character for a little too long but passable considering the genre. I really hate to be asking this but what lens did you guys use? The sharpness of the image was really impressive.

Default Avatar goodone

Loved the leaf attack scene at the end. Good work.

Personally really enjoyed this film, the acting was believable and the end scene of the attacking leaves was a nice finish. My peers raised the audio as being a problem, but I felt it was realistic because of the genre of found footage. Loved the film, didn't get bored and good use of props.

Default Avatar FlameThrower

The leaf scene at the end sold it for me - hilarious!

Nice film to watch. Really liked color and the lens. Story was interesting too. It would be much better if they put more plots(events) before main character killed by leaf, this film could get much more interesting. But personally i liked it. :)

Default Avatar Creaturehands

Definitely worth seeing, funny lines and a great ending, moments that seemed a little forced and slow, but that's excusable.

The shot with the leaves at the end really sold it for me. The rest of the film didn't really do it, but there was some nice lighting and camera work done. I suppose there are many limitations with this genre and you guys handled it well.

Default Avatar KahnFilmo

cool film from what i remember, especially the attack at the end. thought it was really well done, probably my favorite of the heat

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