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Keep out of Reach

by Quetzalcoatl 321 views


Default Avatar RiverFelix

I could see what they were trying to accomplish and the concept was a nice one but I think maybe the team didn't quite pull off the film, some of the action wasn't very well executed and the part about him being his best friend came a bit out of the blue for me. Still, it wasn't crap and I enjoyed it.

Default Avatar Ann Treadgold

Difficult genre to pull off effectively. Film was a bit too jerky for my liking. I appreciate the effort they made to depict a drug induced perspective. Overall a good effort.

Default Avatar CharlieChupminking

There was one good bit with some great special effects but other than that was a little bored. Was violent for the sake of it and it seemed like the easy option. The story was a bit out there, dude takes what appears to be prescription drugs then goes on murderous rampage then gets stabbed in hand and comes too. Good effirt team but not my thing!

Default Avatar NaroZilla

DIs Is gOoD sHiT

Default Avatar omh

An interesting idea, but poorly executed. At times it seemed to repeat the same shot of one of the guys pulling out a knife. Also the mysterious figure that dropped the drugs in the beginning was never followed up on throughout the film, so it was abit weird to make a connection between the start and ending of the film. It was "that" film of the heat that made the audience sit back and think "Wtf did I just watch?" Good effort, but didn't hit the mark.

Poor storytelling. It did have some alrightcolour effects (the red stuff) and the hand stab was very shocking (and convincing). But everything was hard to follow, as well as the relationships between the characters. It is a difficult genre to get right, and I do understand you must have had some limitations physically with your actors, but mostly the movie just came across as confusing.

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