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Phillipe et l'etrang

by Platinum Gold Productions 194 views


Alright, I hope I've got this one right, was this the one with the guy listening to talk back radio? If so, read on. Haha, one of the funniest of the heat. That one shot of the guy "after only going to have a couple of beers", then lying on the ground surrounded by bottle caps as firework explosions superimpose over him, was f'n brilliant. One of my favourite visuals from the whole film. Funny, if not intentional 'surprise ending' when it just cuts to black and audio continues. I feel there were maybe a couple of technical issues that failed this team getting their final film out in it's full glory, but still an engaging final product. Lead actor was very interesting, a little spark of comedic talent there. I'd like to see more of him.

HILARIOUS. This film had me laughing the hardest out of all in the heat. It's a shame that you had technical difficulties at the end. Surely this wasn't intentional, but with a couple more hours in the edit, this could have been something very special. Hats off to the lead and all the other voice talent. You did a fantastic job. Favourite moments would be the bottle caps American Beauty-esque scene with the fireworks, and the classy voiceover. Great. Just great. I'm afraid that I need to mark you down with the rating because of the HUGE technical error at the end of the film. Normally we would disregard small errors in the spirit of the competition, but this is no minor editing error. In any other competition this would have been a deal breaker. Can't wait to see your film next year, you guys are definitely talented!

Default Avatar Daniel Waratini

Such an amazing and hilarious little short. It was purely entertaining and I think everyone enjoyed... Right up till the end. Everything was flawless but the end, not sure what happened there. Was it a tech issue? unfinished? or was it an ambiguous shock ending? Regardless of what happened at the end, you still got my vote just because I was entertained, and thats all that matters right?

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