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by The Progeny Project 521 views


Fantastic shots and lighting - the popup texts were a nice touch too. Story was interesting and it was nice cutting back and forth between the converging storylines. My only question is why is this happening to him? I don't think we got an answer (or I missed it!). Sound peaked quite loud which did make me and a few people flinch, but it was clean otherwise - just remember to check the dB levels next time :) Great job guys

Default Avatar Estumas

Can a 48 Hour film be over produced? This might be an example. I generally didn't dislike the story, but did you need to add digital lens flairs for example? I thought when they used techniques well, like the text messages - which is something mainstream film always struggles with - it worked for the story. Story was simple on the surface, but still a little confusing on how he felt the possible collision. Audio was certainly the weakest point, levels were a little all over and considering the lack of dialogue I'm surprised the mix wasn't better - atmos and other sounds were at least clean. Might make a good PSA on why you shouldn't text/look at your phone while crossing the road!

Default Avatar Cyril Marychurch

Some sound issue at the beginning but other than that well excecuted. You included interesting use of editing techniques to get some flair in the effects.

Beautifully shot. Story didn't make sense at the beginning.

Handsomely shot and smartly edited for a film with little dialogue and jumping in and out of time. Unfortunately, as it's already been stated, the sound mix needed more work. The colour grade also seemed a bit jumpy in parts, occasionally making the image a bit too saturated. I got a bit confused with how he figured it all out. This could be just me missing something, but I feel it might be the film doesn't give the "a ha!" moment enough time to linger. Had the idea been given more time to brew, allow its breadcrumbs to pave a more defined trailer, this could have been a real contender. As is, it's still a 48 film with a lot to admire.

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