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Somebody Someone Courtney

11 Reviews


Some Body at the Lake

Loved this. Not what you'd expect from a typical crime film, having romance and comedy nicely integrated. The night time shots were gorgeous too. Only critique is what others have said here - sound syncing issues. Otherwise, a film I do expect to see in the city final! Awesome work

The Difference Between Us

I quite honestly can't fault this film. The shots were excellent, sound was clean. I often kept looking closer to see if the actress was actually actress twins. I, personally, didn't know how it was going to end and there were times I thought it was going to take a different direction and I was proved wrong. Maybe if you were able to go outside of 5 minutes, it would enhance the story, but with the time you have - excellent work! I will add that I hope to see you in the city finals.


Fantastic shots and lighting - the popup texts were a nice touch too. Story was interesting and it was nice cutting back and forth between the converging storylines. My only question is why is this happening to him? I don't think we got an answer (or I missed it!). Sound peaked quite loud which did make me and a few people flinch, but it was clean otherwise - just remember to check the dB levels next time :) Great job guys

Can You Run In Heels?

Had myself a wee giggle watching this film just now. Very simple, nothing amazing, but the humour made up for anything lacking. Clean sound. Would have liked to see more variation in shots perhaps. Well done!

All Sewed UP

I am impressed by the length and quality of animation that came out of only 48 hours. The story terrified me in an odd, amusing-but-horrifying way. Audio sounded great too. Well done!