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Some Body at the Lake

by The Creamery 641 views


Default Avatar Austen Thomas

One of my favourites from tonight! Acting was nice and the simple storyline was funny and very effective. There were some audio sync issues I saw but apart from this you deserve the first place you got! Well Done

Default Avatar Kyle Sowry

The plot that drove this film forward was an amazing idea. It was extremely well implemented, and I completely forgot that it was a 48 hour film while I was watching it! What really stood out to me was the thought that went into every shot. Not one frame looked dull, and nothing felt "pasted" over the top. The only constructive criticism I have is that the crime aspect of the film felt slightly drowned out by the comedy (which, by the way, was also fantastic!). Congratulations!

Default Avatar Estumas

So close to perfection. Certainly likely to make the list for city final consideration. Murder-meets-meet-cute. Clever idea, stunning night time cinematography (would love to know what you shot on?), great prop work (and stunt work) and good chuckles. The only let down is the audio sync or maybe slightly off ADR that occasionally distracts?

What a contender! Definitely my favourite from the heat. LOVE the concept. I found myself giggling aloud a lot at this adorable film. Great performances from both lead actors, and some great cinematography. Only let down by the slight sync issue, as pointed out already, but it was forgivable. Would be very surprised if I don't see this one at the Auckland finals.

Loved this. Not what you'd expect from a typical crime film, having romance and comedy nicely integrated. The night time shots were gorgeous too. Only critique is what others have said here - sound syncing issues. Otherwise, a film I do expect to see in the city final! Awesome work

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

I must admit, I don't recall any sync issues. That is not to say they definitely weren't there, but it clearly didn't matter to me. I'm a sucker for absurd comedy and this one was done to perfection. The cinematography was excellent and the performances matched. Brilliant restraint in what could have so easily have gotten corny. I couldn't tell if the wrapped bodies landing in the stream were actually people or dummies, but if they were real than I have to admire the trust they put in the team cause that did not look safe.

Great looking film, awesome premise and awesome acting. Would have liked to have seen a little more conflict to draw the characters closer together, I could definitely see this being a longer 20-minute piece!

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