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The Difference Between Us

by The Hive 413 views


Default Avatar Austen Thomas

Nice use of your actors ;) I really liked how serious you took it and how well this was accomplished and reflected. Possibly some more locations will add more intrest, otherwise really good work!

Default Avatar Kyle Sowry

This was a really cool film! The shots were longer, which gave me more time to take in the beauty of each scene, and appreciate the slowly building plot. The transition with the smash cut left me open mouthed! I can't think of anything that directly let this film down, other than the resolution of the plot. There wasn't enough sense of time passing that showed the mutual agreement between the (two?) main characters building. I feel like focusing more on the psychology behind how similar the two people would be could be an interesting spin on this film. Really cool stuff, and seamless compositing!

I quite honestly can't fault this film. The shots were excellent, sound was clean. I often kept looking closer to see if the actress was actually actress twins. I, personally, didn't know how it was going to end and there were times I thought it was going to take a different direction and I was proved wrong. Maybe if you were able to go outside of 5 minutes, it would enhance the story, but with the time you have - excellent work! I will add that I hope to see you in the city finals.

Really loved this film. Great production quality in both audio and visuals. I guessed the ending pretty early on but there was some great misdirection that made me doubt my assumption. Can't say I was a huge fan of the use of the sound effect - it did stick out like a sore thumb, but to be honest, I can't think of anywhere better to put it in this film. Really hoping this team enters again next year - I'd love to see what they come up with. Well done, The Hive!

Default Avatar Estumas

I've seen films use one actor as two people before, but never done so well to the point where it actually had me question occasionally if it was actually twins rather than an acting double. For that alone would be high praise, but beyond that is a solidly crafted film on all levels. Ignore the review complaining about more needed for that outcome. That smash cut of the coin(s) (likely to be up for the smash cut award!) and the outcome were pitch perfect way to make that choice in the run time. Nice use of genre as well. If this film doesn't make the city finals I'll be shocked.

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