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Blood Surrogate

by Team Mr White 311 views


Default Avatar frankpuma

This movie had one of the best one-line concepts in the heat, along with Apocalypse Nice. Not gonna totally ruin it as it's got a good twist, but it's a zombie-survivor-holed-up-at-home story, which fits well for a one-room movie. It gave you the sense of being holed up in the room as well. The other one-room movie I've seen kind of didn't use the one room-ness as the basis of the film concept and even played around with crossing outside (put the camera outside at least, but not the characters) and I think this film did it right, with claustrophobia enhancing the story. You can't make a zombie movie without going proper with effects and gore and they did that too. So yeah the twist got a good audience reaction... well, maybe not totally good, but definitely the reaction intended. You get a scene you will not see in pretty much any other context but 48Hours. Really gross but somehow it works with the rest of the story. With one or two sort of technical polish things this would be 5 stars to me, although the timelapses were good.

easily one of the v48 best short films i seen in a while and i will be very surprised if it doesn't go far. the one room/one actor zombie-survivor concept isn't anything new but is pulled off well and has an interesting twist that is definitely rare to come by. the gore effects are dazzling and got the intended audience reactions along with a scene that has to be one of the most disturbing in the competition.

Default Avatar coolfilms10

Funny to see this short film last night. Compared to the others that were displayed. The others in the heat were not anything compared to this one. This is a work of art. You hear everyone talking and gasping at one of the scenes. It was funny! Great work guys!

This film bored me for the first bit. I thought the "stuck in a house while there are zombies outside" was overdone and was not looking forward to watching another six minutes of it. Then the zombie appeared and the film shifted to a "man teaching zombie how to be human again" film, which I thought was a little bit like Resident Evil and a bunch of other zombie films out there, while slightly more interesting, still not original. And then the main character started making out with the zombie. At this point my jaw dropped and didn't lift back up until it was over. It was weird, sickening and very original, and despite my disgust I couldn't quite look away. The way this team executed a story about revenge on zombies for killing someone important was utterly brilliant, I was spellbound and it really made me think about an aspect of being alone in the world that I hadn't quite considered before. The thing that let this film down a bit for me is really the obvious. If you exchange fluids and things with a zombie (and at one point the zombie did bite him) how do you not become one yourself? That point was never quite explained, and despite the whole thing being a fictional concept anyway, it left be a little bit unsatisfied with the believability of the whole thing. A great film, hope you're not squeamish.

Clever one-room zombie movie. Civilisation has fallen but our protagonist continues to fight and keep it together... or does he? This short raises questions about what a monster really is.

yay! i found the zombie porn. well made thanks guys was really entertaining till the end. ok, so it was gross. but it was still entertaining.

Default Avatar vault502

Well this was disturbing, lol. A man is alone in a room, thinking about his gf who some zombies took away. A zombie turns up and he smacks him in the face followed by a lot of blood, then they end up having sex, he shoots the zombie in the head, and adds a mark to a tally he has been keeping. Some really good effects here, the blood splatter on the wall was amazing and made me sit up in my seat and play it again, and the zombie makeup was really good. Location was nicely done. I really liked some of the diting techniques used here, the split screen, cross disolves during sex and timelapse were well done. The music was also well done and fitted nicely. Constructive critisism, I feel the middle speech lasted a bit long, you should have ditched the American accent and just gone with Kiwi. Also I felt like this could have worked really well if you concentrated on one aspect, here we see a little bit of action, a little thriller, a little comedy and a little porn. Probebly more focus on one aspect would make this film flow better. You have some really good filming and make-up/special effects skills, I think you coould make an amazing zombie porn film! Also I would much rather have seen a girl in the sex scene.. was a little uncomfortable. Nice freeze frame ending!

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