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Somebody Someone Wiremu Te Kani

10 Reviews


Wonderful Me

Musical is a genre that a lot of teams pray they don't get, mainly because their team has no allocation for a musical piece. That didn't stop this team though. They cranked up the cheese producing a parody of musicals being overly bright and cheerful. The audience lapped it up. Nice work, guys.

Feilaulau (Sacrifice)

I really enjoyed watching this film. I thought it had a powerful story and strong acting. It's a pity me and the audience could hear the director say 'action', and only because it broke the spell on what would have otherwise been a strong finish. As mentioned before, I wasn't too concerned about the genre you got either. I felt the story was more important than the rules. Thanks for making a great film! You should be really proud of it, and keep making more of them.

The L Word

Worst Lesbian Ever, but definitely the favourite film of the night. I don't even like romcoms and I thought this film was awesome!

The Boogieman

Wasn't too sure about how the movie wrapped up at the end and I guess that was due to time constraints, but the acting was pretty good and the editing suited the genre well.

Push and Pool

I think this was the most serious film in the heat. It was shot, acted and edited really well. Did anyone else notice the pool scenes probably would have been shot on Sunday, ie. The day it Wasn't bucketing down and miserable? A really solid short film.


This film really pulls you into its story. Even though it has very little visual effects to offer they wisely chose a solid narrative that maintains its self through the whole film. Nice work!


Eckhart Tolle talks about 'The pain body', the idea that people watch violence and gore in order to feed one's sense of physical pain. Great to see Two Big Tools providing it in spades... or was it tin snips and a taser? I did find it confusing how the two stories actually converged, but that wasn't too important. What was important was the dismemberment and the eye popping finish. Young kids in the audience are going to have nightmares for a year. Well done :)

Blood Surrogate

Clever one-room zombie movie. Civilisation has fallen but our protagonist continues to fight and keep it together... or does he? This short raises questions about what a monster really is.