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Wonderful Me

by VAP Studios 146 views


Musical is a genre that a lot of teams pray they don't get, mainly because their team has no allocation for a musical piece. That didn't stop this team though. They cranked up the cheese producing a parody of musicals being overly bright and cheerful. The audience lapped it up. Nice work, guys.

I slightly missed that a virus was causing people to not sing anymore - had to go back at the end and re-watch the TV interview clip in order to go "ah, I see". I think this was important to the rest of the storyline but it only briefly gets a mention at the start. Your lyrics were good and the music fitted OK. Biggest thing to work on for next time is having consistent sound levels between live recordings and in-studio overlays. Wind noise is something that some covers and screens can help to minimise and be careful when syncing up with mouth movements, it's hard to align (I know!). You stuck to the genre so well done for that, and I thought your POV shot was well done.

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