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by Big Damned Heroes 241 views


A lot of end of the world films this year have opted for "giant lens flare ending" as a plot device. While this film wasn't short on giant lens flares, it was refreshing to see some thought put into the specifics of how the world would end. Clearly it takes a massive geek (and I mean that in a good way) to come up with kinetic bombardment from space followed by robot killing machines (also from space). I think this film was meant to be set in the future, so it would have been nice to see that communicated in some way other than voice over, but with a limited amount of resources this team did what they could and did it well. Awesome sound design! Ending felt a little anticlimactic, left us wondering if maybe the ones who didn't make it through the first day were better off after all. Turns out resistance really is futile.

There were a few familiar faces in this team and if I'm remembering them right, they're getting better every year. This was a fairly straight-forward alien invasion achieved with a small cast and some legit visual special effects. The voiceover was effective and the lighting effects were rather convincing! The team knew their genre well and seem to have got exactly what they wanted, and that's commendable. From here I'd say further technical practice and fine-tuning their writing practice will make the team one to watch out for.

Well done guys ! End of world can be a difficult genre to source props for. I especially liked the soundscape and also the steadycam shot down the driveway. Nice footage quality. Seeing as a lot of it was night shot, I suspect a DSLR was used here, considering the lack of grain in the footage. Nice job !

Very well shot, but I had no connection to the characters so it was only an idea for the beginning of a good story, not a good story. I would have to watch it again to pick up on the required line and to figure out which one Nicky Brick was, and I dont want to watch it again so soon.

This film really pulls you into its story. Even though it has very little visual effects to offer they wisely chose a solid narrative that maintains its self through the whole film. Nice work!

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