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Default Avatar Slimer

Taken on face value it was great but a little boring. Considering it probably had a bigger budget than most, I would of expected more. Didn't feel like you owned your genre, felt like an unfinished episode of "Fringe". Looked great, sound was awesome (probably the best I've heard so far), brilliant acting but the story was lacking, so was the freeze frame. What can i say about the "com-links"... very nice touch, but it felt like you were rubbing your money in our faces.

Very slick-looking film. I'm always impressed when people pull high production values out of the bag on such a tight timeframe - and you guys managed to include some very impressive effects shots to boot. I quite liked the story, possibly could have benefited from more of a relationship between the two leads - and the revelation at the end did seem a bit convenient, structurally. Really enjoyed the acting, and I don't know why, I'm not sure if it was written as a joke, but Bobby Young's "vests" line was genius. Perhaps it was all in the delivery. Great effort Hybrid.

What Simon said. Looked super slick and the acting was great. The vest line was my favorite bit too.

The production values were insane. The Acting was solid and interesting. The script was a bit average ... and it really did seem that there was no middle in this short. Just a pacey start and then straight in to the closing action. If it just had a little more backstory and oomph in the script, it could of taken the top spot with sheer slickness.

Default Avatar truthserum

Was really looking forward to this short after their previous efforts but all it really had was the graphics and high production value, quite a boring short and expected more from such a well established and consistent team.

ditto simon

Ditto Simon. These guys ooze professionalism, and that opening scene set up what I thought was going to be a hands-down best film of the heat. Unfortunately like Stonedmason said, there really wan't much of a middle to the film. Still, one of the best on production value and acting alone.

Great technique and effects but found it generally un-entertaining. Almost trying too hard.

Another really great film from you guys, and great story told in what looks like a massive task editing together... Fucking Well Done.

Default Avatar frankpuma

I'm with truthserum here - unbelievable production value and effects made it all the more disappointing that the story wasn't worth watching (and what was there was not easily understood). These guys are definitely capable of better.

Well produced but very ho hum for me.

I want to steal Hybrid's actors. No matter what's thrown at them they always seem to make it work believably. This film started strong, had me all the way up until the first twist (people start dying. well, more people - someone dies at the start) but I hadn't quite gotten attached enough to the characters yet to care. Nicely executed standoff, then into the final twist... which left me more confused than anything else. I wanted to see a bit more investigation before we went into yanky wire-deaths - more of a middle to this film would have done wonders. That said, it was brilliantly shot (as always) - and wasn't that holo-watch cool?! Goddamn I want to do a sci-fi detectivey movie now...

Default Avatar sweetapple

Great production in this short, but story was lacking, again great effects though!

I think Nick pretty much summed it up Again, fantastic production values despite the script issues. I actually quite liked the concept of the film, but I think it was just paced a bit too quickly. I didn't really have time to engage with any of the characters which lessened the impact of the twists. If there were one or two more scenes I think I'd have enjoyed this film even more. P.S. I love that the hologram VFX magic was to disguise the fact that your actress gave her performance via skype. Clever thinking right there

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