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Somebody Someone Rocknrollmofo

4 Reviews


Stuck In The Mini With You

I thought this was brilliant. Loved the story and thought that the performances were pretty damn good too. I honestly cant think of any criticism to level against it. Perhaps it's a bit presumptuous, but I'm looking forwards to seeing it again at the finals


I think Nick pretty much summed it up Again, fantastic production values despite the script issues. I actually quite liked the concept of the film, but I think it was just paced a bit too quickly. I didn't really have time to engage with any of the characters which lessened the impact of the twists. If there were one or two more scenes I think I'd have enjoyed this film even more. P.S. I love that the hologram VFX magic was to disguise the fact that your actress gave her performance via skype. Clever thinking right there

Between Light and Shadow

It was nice to see an over the top silly film that was backed up with a comprehensible but equally weird plot. The highlight for me was definitely the use of the bent wire. One small complaint (not really to do with the film) was the lack of an intro and a title card.